Auburn Knights Auditions

When: Each Sunday, 6-8 PM
Where: The Eagle’s Nest at Monarch Estate

Are you a jazz musician in the Auburn area looking for professional playing experience? Perhaps you are a student seeking scholarship assistance for college. Maybe you would like to add leadership or business administration experience to your resume. It could be that you just want to play great music and have fun.

Are you ready to be a part of history?

For over 80 years Auburn men and women have participated in this elite group of musicians, and now you could have the chance to be a part of that legacy. Currently we are recruiting players of the following instruments:

  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Upright Bass/Bass Guitar
  • Guitar
  • Tenor Saxophone

Although not a requirement, preference will be given to audition candidates who have jazz and/or improvising experience and to sax players who can double on flute or clarinet.

What’s it all about?

Being a performing member of the Auburn Knights is a big commitment, but it comes with its rewards. We play many performances per year, all over the southeast. Thousands of dollars in scholarship money is made available each year exclusively to Knights members through the Auburn Knights Alumni Association, and each summer we sharpen our musical skills with intense rehearsals leading to an annual reunion concert performance in front of hundreds of Auburn Knights fans, supporters, and past members.

How does the audition work?

Instrumentalists will be asked to sight read one or more standard big-band charts. They will be given one minute to look over the chart and ask any questions. They will then play through a section of the chart once with the entire band, and once with the rhythm section only. After sight-reading, candidates will then have the option to solo over any chord changes of their choice with the rhythm section. Although the solo portion of audition is not required, it is strongly encouraged and can only help a candidate.

The candidate will then be asked a series of questions in an informal interview and will also be allowed to ask questions of band members. Musicians will generally be notified of the results of their audition within 24 hours; however, this may take longer if auditions are spread out over several days or weekends.

Candidates should keep the following in mind:

  • The Auburn Knights rehearse every Sunday evening from 6-8 PM CST at Monarch Estates in Auburn. We usually take long weekends and holidays off. As a general rule, if school is in session, we are rehearsing. Band members must be available during this time and are expected to attend rehearsals.

  • With the exception of vocalists, the attire for most of our performances is a black tuxedo with a white dinner jacket, black bow-tie, and black vest. Each member is responsible for obtaining their own clothing; however, the band can provide financial assistance if needed. Occasionally, attire other than the tuxedo will be worn for less formal events.

  • Band members absolutely must be available during the summer months. During June and July, the rehearsal schedule becomes more intense, often two or three times per week. Our biggest performance of the year is a Saturday night in mid-July. The Sunday prior to that, we have an all day rehearsal-retreat, and then rehearse every night that week leading up to the performance.

  • There are no age restrictions on auditioning. Band membership is open to all members of the Auburn Community.

  • Membership in the band does not guarantee a scholarship award. Students must be enrolled in a degree program at Auburn University and meet certain other academic requirements to apply for AKAA scholarships.

Members who are invited to join the band after their audition will be given the opportunity to complete a 90-day probationary period during which their performance as a member will be evaluated. During that time, probationary members will be expected to attend all performances, meetings, and rehearsals, and will receive the same rate of pay as other band members.

Okay, I’m interested! Now what?

Auditions will take place at the Eagles Nest at Monarch Estates in Auburn. Monarch Esates is located on University Drive behind Bruno’s and next to Lakeview Baptist Church. The Eagles Nest is a small building located in the very back left corner of the Monarch property (behind the main building). Candidates should arrive no less than 20 minutes before their scheduled audition time. A sign-in table and waiting area will be setup outside. Upon arriving candidates should sign in and wait for their turn to be called. You may also take this opportunity to warm up.


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